"Watching Alexia dance is great, but observing her teach is a captivating experience within itself. She doesn’t just teach the moves and the technique, but she speaks on individuality & puts heavy emphasis on the why, & the emotional journey one must go through as a performer of the choreography. Her thorough direction, relatable personal antidotes, and humble attitude makes her a stand out from the rest. She has this aura about her that is just contagious & she defies the old saying “if one can’t do, then teach”, because she most certainly can and has mastered both!"  -Heather S. Clark (Community Programs Coordinator, Patel Conservatory )


"My mission is to give students a space to express themselves and an awareness between breath and movement, while having the correct alignment and strength to avoid injury."

Studio Workshops

Alexia believes that expression and character are just as important as technique and style. As she breaks down each choreographic step, Alexia talks about the 'why' behind each movement, which is a key tool for young dancers while they learn character development and storytelling.  Alexia offers 2 hour workshop classes or 1-4 week residency programs in contemporary, creative movement and jazz.  She creates a space where students can build their confidence and expand their movement.